Monday, October 25, 2010

Windoes Phone 7 Review Round-Up

Daily Tech has published a nice Review round-up! an excerpt from Gizmodo"
"The most polished UI this side of the iPhone: It just feels amazing, even if it is missing some things like copy and paste (coming next year, supposedly). A nearly perfect melange of Microsoft services—Bing (Maps and Search), Zune, Xbox Live, Office—in a cohesive, logical and typically beautiful way.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Orange - Wonder Why?

OK, if anybody is interested why my Blog has so much Orange and looks like someone vomited oranges on my Blog page?

Here is the reason:

1. Orange is Avanade House Color.
2. Orange is the Dutch National Color (the ruling dynasty are the Princes of Orange).
3. I like the way it looks

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Get in the Cloud with Office 365


Recently Microsoft has made an announcement about the Office 365. Basically this is the Cloud services offered by Microsoft. What is nice is that some really nice features are coming and the driving engine is Exchange 2010 SP1 (for messaging part). Some of the new features are:

  • Voice Mail with UM and integration with on premise PBX
  • Rich Cross-Premise coexistence (great for management)
  • MailTips, Conversation View, instant messaging in OWA, Personal Archive…

For the full list go ahead to the Exchange Team Blog post.

Some more info and Beta registration page can be found at the Microsoft Office 365 page.

Phonetic Display Name

OK so now a real post!
Those of you who are using the Exchange UM functionality probably know that if your name is not John Smith the UM attendant pronounces the name not really as it should. Especially here in the Netherlands it is an issue where we use letter combinations like “ij” “oe” etc.

My First Post

Although I used to make fun of my sister-in-law always calling her an addict, because she was addicted to her blog…

Well I guess I also took the leap and started blogging. And guess what my blog is called Exchange Addict (irony of life).

So why Exchange Addict? Because I am extremely passionate about Microsoft technologies, which is part of my job. I work as an Infrastructure consultant by Avanade in the Netherlands. Avanade is a technology service provider focused on Microsoft technologies. We do extremely interesting projects by enterprise clients. Although my job involves a wide range of Microsoft technologies my real “baby” is Microsoft Exchange.

So this blog will bring some news (mostly ones I collect from internet) and some articles where I will share some of my knowledge and experience. Although I am primarily busy with the infrastructure part of Exchange by the clients, I also love giving workshops and presentations to the clients about the client side features. I could talk for hours (if allowed) about different new features that Exchange Server 2010 has brought to us. I believe that any organization looking for a messaging solution should be not only told about the infrastructure part of the story, but also the user experience and management is extremely important as it has a huge impact on the TCO of any product.

As an Infrastructure consultant at Avanade I am a part of a great team. I have colleagues that have vast experience in Microsoft technologies. We even have three Microsoft Rangers in our midst (Microsoft Rangers are MCMs – Microsoft Certified Masters. These guys have completed an extensive training and are considered a crème de la crème when it comes to Microsoft certifications).

Arno Zwegers - is the Exchange Ranger and a good colleague. We have done only one Exchange project together where I was responsible for GAL Sync. I hope we can do some more together really soon.

Jeroen Reijling – is OCS Master and a also has a Blog about Unified Communications. Jeroen is also a Microsoft VTSP (Virtual Technology Sales Professional). VTSPs are chosen by Microsoft and I hope to become one sometime soon. It is Jeroen who actually gave me that last push to start a blog, thanx Jeroen.

Roelf Zomerman – is Active Directory Master and I often consult him on Active Directory issues or questions.

Anyhow stay tuned and I hope not to disappoint you all.