Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My First Post

Although I used to make fun of my sister-in-law always calling her an addict, because she was addicted to her blog…

Well I guess I also took the leap and started blogging. And guess what my blog is called Exchange Addict (irony of life).

So why Exchange Addict? Because I am extremely passionate about Microsoft technologies, which is part of my job. I work as an Infrastructure consultant by Avanade in the Netherlands. Avanade is a technology service provider focused on Microsoft technologies. We do extremely interesting projects by enterprise clients. Although my job involves a wide range of Microsoft technologies my real “baby” is Microsoft Exchange.

So this blog will bring some news (mostly ones I collect from internet) and some articles where I will share some of my knowledge and experience. Although I am primarily busy with the infrastructure part of Exchange by the clients, I also love giving workshops and presentations to the clients about the client side features. I could talk for hours (if allowed) about different new features that Exchange Server 2010 has brought to us. I believe that any organization looking for a messaging solution should be not only told about the infrastructure part of the story, but also the user experience and management is extremely important as it has a huge impact on the TCO of any product.

As an Infrastructure consultant at Avanade I am a part of a great team. I have colleagues that have vast experience in Microsoft technologies. We even have three Microsoft Rangers in our midst (Microsoft Rangers are MCMs – Microsoft Certified Masters. These guys have completed an extensive training and are considered a crème de la crème when it comes to Microsoft certifications).

Arno Zwegers - is the Exchange Ranger and a good colleague. We have done only one Exchange project together where I was responsible for GAL Sync. I hope we can do some more together really soon.

Jeroen Reijling – is OCS Master and a also has a Blog about Unified Communications. Jeroen is also a Microsoft VTSP (Virtual Technology Sales Professional). VTSPs are chosen by Microsoft and I hope to become one sometime soon. It is Jeroen who actually gave me that last push to start a blog, thanx Jeroen.

Roelf Zomerman – is Active Directory Master and I often consult him on Active Directory issues or questions.

Anyhow stay tuned and I hope not to disappoint you all.


  1. Very honored!
    Enjoy blogging
    The sister in law

  2. Hi Leiby,

    Enjoy the blogging and share us are your knowledge ;-)

  3. Hi leiby,

    Nice to see that you are starting your own blog.
    Interesting info btw. M.Oudenbroek