Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Phonetic Display Name

OK so now a real post!
Those of you who are using the Exchange UM functionality probably know that if your name is not John Smith the UM attendant pronounces the name not really as it should. Especially here in the Netherlands it is an issue where we use letter combinations like “ij” “oe” etc.
Lately I called my colleague Arno Zwegers and got his voicemail and the Attendant said “You have reached the voice mailbox of “Arno Zwegers” the thing is that in Holland the letter “g” is almost always pronounced as “ch”. So After Arno called me back I told him that he urgently needs to record his name in the greeting. Well he pointed out that he remembers that there is a way to make the UM Auto attendant pronounce the names the way you want it to – well almost.
This can be achieved by changing the PhoneticDisplayName attribute for a user using the following PowerShell cmdlet:
Set-User -Identity -PhoneticDisplayName "Arno Zveichers"
I have found a small reference to how to phonetically spell certain sounds:
Soundmethod Amethod C
"ah" as in hot, bar, foughtaaa
"E" as in tree, Lisa, eatiee
"oo" as in crude, fooduoo
"A" as in hey, weigh, chaoseiei
"O" as in no, grow, Hondaoo
"I" as in bike, psychoaiai
short "a" as in cat, manneraa
short "ih" as in grin, simple, itii
short "uh" as in what, cut, fromuu
short "eh" as in end, getee
back-of-throat "u" as in book, pulluuu
Of course if you install the Dutch Language pack for UM it things turn up, but in an international company like Avanade where the Dial Plan is in English this is a nice way to make sure that the names are pronounced properly.
For more information on Speech Recognition in Exchange Server (this post is for 2007, but is also applicable for 2010) head on to the Exchange team Blog post at You had me at EHLO

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