Monday, October 25, 2010

Windoes Phone 7 Review Round-Up

Daily Tech has published a nice Review round-up! an excerpt from Gizmodo"
"The most polished UI this side of the iPhone: It just feels amazing, even if it is missing some things like copy and paste (coming next year, supposedly). A nearly perfect melange of Microsoft services—Bing (Maps and Search), Zune, Xbox Live, Office—in a cohesive, logical and typically beautiful way.
(Though the more tied into Microsoft you are, the better experience you'll have, like Google and Android.) Native apps are almost gratuitously tasty eye candy. The keyboard is boss. Outlook mail app looks and works fantastically. Zune streams over the air. Even IE doesn't suck, though anything that renders poorly in desktop IE will also do so on the phone"

1 comment:

  1. it has to have everything iPhone has, to catch the eye... for those who do not understand how office on mobile, especially outlook, matters