Friday, November 12, 2010

We have the Trophy

Our Devices have finally arrived! the core services are busy around the paperwork as we speak so that the devices can be available for issue on Monday the 15th. So any colleagues who are able to drive past the office can go an pick up their Trophy starting 09:00 November the 15th.

I am going to start filling this blog with more info later on!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Migrating a BlackBerry Cross-Forest: Well Done RIM!

I am currently working on a Cross-Forest Exchange migration where we have to also migrate the BlackBerries. In the past you needed to wipe the blackberries and use enterprise activation to activate them on the new server. If the blackberries had some apps deployed by organization, this was a huge issue from the logistic point of view, since in a lot of cases the applications were installed by hand by the IT department before the blackberry was given to the user.

So now you can use the BlackBerry Enterprise Migrator (I think that is how the tool is called). You do need to have both source and target BES servers on version 5. But the tool does real wonders. We just tested a migration of a fully equipped BlackBerry complete with some custom apps on it. The user experience is extremely smooth. It tales about 15-20 minutes, and during the move the BB does not receive any mails, but all the existing messages are there. then once it switches all the user gets to see is “Your Device is activated on a Blackberry Server” message, which you can just dismiss with an “OK”. You do not even need to restart the device…

All I can say: WELL Done RIM!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Office 365–My colleagues started a comprehensive Blog


A few colleagues of mine specialized in BPOS have started a great BLOG about the new Cloud services. The title is really catchy 360° on 365.

Good luck guys and enjoy the Tech Ed…

Windows Phone 7–it’s a keeper

Yesterday I was invited to a Windows Phone Get Together event by Microsoft in Schiphol Airport. This is an informal and extremely interactive event organized by Microsoft. There were enough device to change hands last night and I felt I was in paradise already.